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Car Care Clinic Jet Lube - Regular Oil Changes: 5 Great Benefits

Getting regular oil changes is the best and easiest way you can extend the life of your car and save yourself from the inconvenience of breakdowns..

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GM says Special Operations Silverado will go into limited production

GM’s “Special Ops #Silverado” looks like it was pulled out of a movie. Can’t wait to see it on the street.

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Can You Drift A Lotus Evora 400?

Just about any rear wheel-drive car with enough power (400 horsepower from a supercharged Toyota V6 in this case) on a loose enough surface will..

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11 Engine Bays That You Could Practically Eat Off Of - Petrolicious

Cleanliness is a virtue—at least to these owners, it is.

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★★★★★ Very highly recommend

" Frank went out of his way to help me the other day, I pulled in as they where closing, in fact already closed really. Frank stayed to help me with no charge. Very professional as well. These days its hard to find a good trustworthy person or place to take your vehicle. Well, I will be using Frank for all my car problems and oil changes. " -

★★★★★ great service and no charge

" This is a late entry, two months ago I took my son's car into the clinic to check air condition and tire warning light. they took way more than 30 minutes and come to tell me that air condition fluid is just right and tell me how to use it. They also said tire warning light because it was too much pressure in the tire. They adjusted it. I was expect to pay one hour labor charge. But they say no charge !!!! What ? This only happen in good old Mississippi, Thank you !" -